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    ABOUT Luna

    I am Luna Ren Shay and I am delighted you found my site.


    I have been practicing various forms of Oracular and Healing Arts for over 15 years.


    I am an ordained reverend, conscious relating coach, tarot card reader, CMT, tantra facilitator, energy worker, spiritual guidance counselor, and workshop facilitator.


    I create nourishing space for the optimal experience and healing of my clients. People come to me for various reasons and they always leave feeling better than they felt when they came in.


    Check out my Bio for more information on my credentials and services.


    How I can help you

    *Reiki and energy healing
    *Intuitive BodyWork
    *Tarot reading
    *couples coaching

    "I believe all healing exists within.

     I create a nurturing and supportive environment for you to gain access to your own innate healing.

    You will recognize it was there all along." - Luna